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Holistic Dentistry & Wellness

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Committed to full mind, body, and soul health; Dr. Amore uses her experience as a General Dentist and her dedication to holistic healing that offers her clients comprehensive dental solutions that make you feel your best.

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Our Commitment to Health

Mercury Safe

A growing number of patients are choosing to mercury free dentists for new dental work. However, many of them already have amalgam in their mouths.



Fluoride use has been touted as one of the great public health victories in the United States. But why has 97% of Western Europe chosen fluoride-free water?

Non Toxic Products

We believe in approaching dentistry holistically, acknowledging the interconnected nature and important links between our oral health and overall wellness.

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Natural Healing

We create customized approaches to your dental needs as no one person is like the other.  We are committed to wellness first without dependence on harsh drugs or chemicals.

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Our Wellness Mission

Dental care has the power to improve your smile, but it can also affect positive change in your entire body. Holistic Dentistry is the cornerstone of Dr. Amore's practice. Because bacteria and toxins in the mouth affect tissues, nerves, and blood supplies throughout the entire body, strengthening your overall wellness through dental care is our priority. By using natural ozone therapy or recognizing the role of nutrition in oral health, we can help you achieve harmony in your mouth—recognizing that a healthy smile is the gateway for overall wellness. With new studies confirming links between conditions like heart disease and diabetes to oral health, prioritizing the mouth-body connection through holistic dentistry is more crucial than ever before.


Ozone Threapy

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Pediatric Dentistry


Mercury Removal




Sedation Dentistry


Oral Surgery: extractions + bone grafts


PRF facial esthetics


General Dentistry

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It is in my purest interest to insure we are able to establish a healthy doctor-patient relationship in order to provide you with the highest quality dental care and uplifting encounters. Please take the time to express your thoughts on your experience so far. It would also help if you could leave a testimonial on how our treatments have affected you and your overall wellbeing. Any & all feedback is welcomed. Sincerely, Dr. Amore.

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