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Fluoride Free Ingredients

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The sources of human exposure to fluoride have increased significantly in the past 50 years.  Fluoride is now found in community drinking water, processed foods, baby formula, air, soil, pesticides, fertilizers, dental products, pharmaceutical drugs, cookware, clothing, carpeting, and an array of other consumer items used on a regular basis. Because of this chronic daily exposure to fluoride, fluoride toxicity has been on the rise.  Examples of health risks which have been scientifically linked to fluoride toxicity include cognitive defects, lower IQ, neurotoxic effects including ADHD, osteoarthritis, osteosarcoma, skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis, thyroid dysfunction, and many other chronic diseases.

We do not advocate for the use of fluoride as a tool to fight tooth decay. Although the American Dental Association promotes the use of fluoride in many different forms, Dr. Amore does not find enough relevant scientific evidence to prove the use of fluoride in the form of in-office fluoride treatments or fluoride containing dental products to be 100% safe and effective. In fact, most of the current science points to the serious health risks associated with chronic low dose exposure to fluoride.

On the brighter side, there are a myriad of natural alternatives to fluoride that effectively reduce cavities and re-mineralize damaged enamel.  Below are our top fluoride free suggestions for healthy teeth:

  1. Eat a healthy, whole food, organic diet with lots of mineral rich vegetables

  2. Keep your gut healthy and balanced

  3. Drink lots of clean, filtered water
    -If using reverse osmosis filtration systems, be sure to add bioavailable minerals back in

  4. Practice good oral hygiene
    -proper brushing, flossing, and use of oral irrigator

  5. Come in as recommended for your Dental Wellness Visits

  6. Use dental products that contain xylitol, calcium carbonate, bentonite clay, silica, oral probiotics and prebiotics

For more information, including scientific research, please visit IAOMT

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